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Information Technology



1 MSc Business Information Systems Management (MSC BIT) Information Technology
The unique focus of this course is the integration of business, IT and management for the development, operation and management of successful information systems and projects. The programme develops both theory and skills necessary to deliver practical business applications

Offered by: University Of Middlesex
Awarded by: University Of Middlesex



1 BSc (Hons) Information Technology Information Technology
The BSc Honours Information Technology will provide you with an understanding of how IT systems can be used to support the activities of a wide range of organisations. You will learn how a modern enterprise works and how to use a wide range of technologies to support its operation. The content is structured in ways that map explicitly on to modern technology, and includes systems design, application development in a modern industrial strength programming language, network design and management, web-application development including both server and client side programming. In your first year you will develop an understanding of organisations and foundational technology skills including an introduction to programming. In your second year you will build on these foundations to introduce technology areas such as architecture design, networking and web-applications. An information technology degree is a basis for a wide range of IT based careers including network management, systems design engineering, software development, web-application development. An optional work placement is also offered in the second year and highly recommended.

Offered by: University Of Middlesex
Awarded by: University Of Middlesex
2 BSc (Hons) Information Technology and Business Information Systems (Year 3 entry only) Information Technology
This specialist course has been designed for students who are interested in IT and its application in business. The course, which is taught by industry experts, aims to produce forward-thinking graduates. It focuses on leading trends in IT, such as internet and web technologies, and how these technologies can be used within a business environment. The course focuses on the use and development of new web and multimedia applications.

Offered by: University Of Middlesex
Awarded by: University Of Middlesex
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