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Business Management



1 BA (Hons) Business Management Business Management
Middlesex University Business School has been a major provider of business, management and professionally accredited programmes, for over fifty years, with an impressive track record of working in partnership with public, private sector and international organisations. The overall purpose of our programmes is to develop professionals who can manage ethically, sensitively and holistically in a range of organisations in an increasingly global and rapidly changing environment. Our graduates can be found in almost all walks of business, industrial, community and professional life. Aims of the business management programmes This suite of programmes aims to explore the factors contributing to business success, particularly the role of management. Emphasis is placed on the application of models and techniques necessary to achieve superior performance in business organisations. The programme develops skills in analysis and planning, and develops the ability to solve business and management problems.

Offered by: University Of Middlesex
Awarded by: University Of Middlesex
2 BSc (Hons) Business Management Business Management
Full-time In choosing to study the Business and Management Degree (N122) at Aberystwyth University Mauritius you will be preparing yourself for the perfect introduction to a career in business. With leading subject experts teaching you a range of business and management disciplines that includes Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship amongst others, and with a focus on employability and applied skills to reinforce the essential theories, concepts and case studies, you will benefit from the small tutorial sizes, business links, and opportunities that the Business and Management Degree provides to you. You will be taught with both academic rigour and a consistent emphasis on the practical application of what you learn to the business environment. Through the Business and Management Degree you will engage with a dynamic subject, which is fundamental to understanding not just the operations of business and commerce, but the organisation and functioning of societies.

Offered by: Aberystwyth University
Awarded by: Aberystwyth University
3 BSc (Hons) Business Management with Law Business Management
Full-time In choosing to study the Business and Management with Law Degree (N1M1) at Aberystwyth University, you will be taught in a department which is highly-rated for the quality of its research and which has excellent partnerships with companies in business, industry and commerce. The Business and Management with Law Degree combines two allied disciplines and considers resource allocation through an appreciation of economic theory alongside legal frameworks and the processes of decision-making. In addition to the core subject knowledge and key skills specific to the discipline, a varied range of teaching styles and practical exercises will equip you with generic skills in research, analysis, reporting and practice - powerful tools with which to pursue your chosen career.

Offered by: Aberystwyth University
Awarded by: Aberystwyth University
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